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Police Civil Liability

In 1964, Congress passed a law to give equal rights to all persons regardless of race, creed, national origin or gender. This law, called the Equal Rights Act, single-handedly transformed our country, and we have moved forward in leaps and bounds as a result.  The progress we’ve made over the past 50 years is undeniable and the progress we have yet to make is even more undeniable. 

The Palm Beach County civil rights law firm of Christopher A. Haddad is here to fight for and protect your civil rights. We concentrate in the area of police civil liability. Many actions taken by the police create liability (legal responsibility) as a result. As with many other areas of the law, a careful approach must be utilized to determine the merits of any particular case. We realize the important role that police play in our society. We also understand the risks that they take during the course of their duties and the responsibilities that go along with the job. No one is expected to be perfect, but everyone is expected to perform their job in a way that demonstrates respect and acknowledgment of the individual rights and liberties that we all share. When this line is crossed against any single person, we are all impacted and all of our rights are infringed upon. 

In certain cases, the police perform their functions in ways that infringe on others’ rights.  For example, if the police arrest someone without a legal basis or act out of ulterior motives that go beyond their rights and responsibilities as law enforcement officers, they should be held accountable for their actions. Occasionally, we see abuses of power by police officers resulting in physical and emotional injuries. 

Sometimes these injuries are the result of a failure to use care by the police that amounts to negligence.

Federal and state laws provide remedies for those whose rights have been violated by law enforcement agencies. In cases where the facts show that law enforcement acted with a deliberate indifference to a person’s rights, a federal cause of action may exist. Other cases involve more traditional actions such as false arrest or unreasonable force in making an arrest. 

Palm Beach County excessive force lawyer Christopher A. Haddad has fought these cases at the trial level and has obtained monetary judgments on behalf of his clients for wrongful police conduct involving excessive force and false arrest. He has also successfully negotiated monetary settlements with numerous police agencies.

The following are examples of successful civil rights cases handled by the Law Office of Christopher A. Haddad., PA

Case 1- Mr. Haddad obtained a significant jury verdict for his client who was physically mistreated and had his wrist broken by a Deputy Sheriff, when the client was returning to his home. 

Case 2- As a Palm Beach County false arrest lawyer, Mr. Haddad received a monetary settlement for his client who was falsely arrested by the police, without any probable cause.

Case 3- Mr. Haddad received a monetary settlement for his client who was attacked and thrown to the ground by a police official for no legitimate reason.  The client had been in the area where the police were called and when instructed to leave, he followed the commands of the officer.  Despite this, the officer still used excessive force by throwing him violently to the ground causing significant neck and back injuries.   

Mr. Haddad has extensive experience in the field of police civil liability. He has the knowledge, dedication and determination to do what is necessary to ensure justice is achieved when a civil rights violation has occurred by virtue of improper police conduct. If you think your rights have been violated, we would love to hear from you. Please call or email us anytime to arrange a consultation to discuss your case 561-832-1126. We look forward to hearing from you.