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Juvenile Law

West Palm Beach criminal lawyer Christopher A. Haddad has represented young people in the juvenile court system for over 20 years. He has a special empathy and sensitivity for the needs of children and brings a fresh and thorough approach to each case. He has tried over 50 cases in juvenile court with a high acquittal rate.

We have the knowledge, understanding and familiarity with the issues facing young people today. This awareness helps us get positive results for you and your child.

As a Palm Beach criminal attorney, Mr. Haddad has formed close relationships with various professionals in the system such as case workers, social workers, psychologists which will enable him to work to counsel and guide your child with an eye toward getting him or her back on track.

Mr. Haddad has handled hundreds of juvenile cases; both in adult court where the youth has been direct filed and in the juvenile courts. 

About 300 who committed violent crimes as juveniles to be re-sentenced. Read Full Article

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